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Come Back to Me!

Training Class Spotlight:

Fido not coming to you when you call him? Then this class is for you! Get your dog to come to you the first time you call and every time you call! This fun, specialized 45 minute class runs for 4 consecutive weeks and focuses on training recall games and building a strong Come Back to Me cue.  Weather permitting, some classes may take place outside!

4 sessions: Starting Friday, December 5 at 5:45 p.m.

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Volunteer Opportunity: Surgery Packs Volunteer

This role ensures the health and well-being of animals by sterilizing and assembling surgical packs to ensure that all of our patients have clean, safe, sterile instruments while undergoing surgery!

Is this the volunteer opportunity for you?

  • You are not squeamish! You will be handling tools used during surgery.
  • You want to help us save lives!  Your attention to detail will help to ensure that our patients experience a safe, sterile surgery!
  • You love animals and are interested in their health and well-being.
  • You have an interest in Veterinary Medicine want to learn more about patient care.

What can you expect from your role as a Surgery Packs Volunteer?

Your service experience will involve:

  • Sterilizing surgical instruments and other medical tools and equipment, and assembling sterile packs.  This entails handling sharp objects.
  • Operating our ultrasonic cleaner, autoclave sterilizing machines, and helping with surgical laundry.  This reduces the risk of infection for our surgical patients!
  • First hand experience in a fast-paced veterinary clinic; you may need to be emotionally prepared to witness emergency medical care, euthanasia and view routine surgical procedures.

Your benefits:

  • A rewarding experience: your attention to detail can help us save lives!
  • You can see and participate in the daily operation of the Clinic
  • Receive 10% discount in Sonnyside Retail Store
  • Clinic volunteers who complete three months of service receive a 10% discount on veterinary services for their personal pets.

Your value to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley:

  • You are a welcome addition to our veterinary health care team.
  • Revenue generated by the Veterinary Clinic directly supports the mission of the Humane Society of Boulder Valley by funding health care for homeless and abused animals. Public veterinary services are critical to funding shelter operations.

How do I get started?

Veterinary Clinic volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.

Training & Skill Development

  • Complete your volunteer profile.
  • Meet with the Volunteer Department.
  • Hands-on training will be provided by Veterinary team.

Commitment: We ask for a weekly two-hour shift (9am – Noon or Noon – 2pm) for a minimum of six months. Please call if you are unable to make your scheduled shift so a substitute can be secured for this important role!

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