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Control Unleashed

Training Class Spotlight:

Does your dog fixate on squirrels, become distracted when they see people or other dogs, or simply have a hard time focusing when outside? Then Control Unleashed is for YOU!  In this 6 week class your dog will learn to focus in the face of distractions, and you’ll learn how to guide them toward better choices. Winter in Colorado is best enjoyed outside -- wouldn’t it be more fun with a focused friend beside you?

6 sessions: Starting Monday, November 24 at 5:45 p.m.

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We Need You

Thanks to our supporters, the Humane Society of Boulder Valley has met the need of thousands of animals for more than 100 years. A group of community volunteers founded our shelter in 1902, and that spirit of caring has continued to guide our important work. We are a private, nonprofit organization that relies on donations from our generous supporters.

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley is not operated or funded by any national humane groups or governmental agencies; we rely on contributions to bring our services to the community. As an Open Admission shelter, we accept every animal who is brought to our facility regardless of age, health, behavior or special needs.

From donating to volunteering your time, there are many rewarding ways for you to become involved with our organization. Your expertise and compassion can help the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, and you will meet lots of new people and animal friends!