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Summer Fun Starts With Spring Training

Great behavior doesn’t just happen - it’s taught. Whether you need to lay down a solid foundation or brush up on established skills, our reward-based methods will help you fulfill your dog’s potential. Come see for yourself why our Training Center is the leading program for dog training in the Boulder area.

Training Class Spotlight:
Hop, Skip and Jump - Puppy Agility

Need a midday break? Join us for afternoon Puppy Agility! This delightful and adorable 1 hour class meets for 4 weeks. Puppy Agility is designed for puppies 4 months to 1 year of age. This class introduces puppies to age-appropriate agility equipment and is fun for both puppies and guardians. The focus is to help puppies gain confidence, have a good time, release energy, and help foster the bond between guardian and pup! Class begins on 4/18, click here to register!

For Professionals

Consulting Services

We provide consulting services, workshops and seminars for professional trainers, behavior programs and shelters. For more details and cost information, please call Lindsay Wood, Director of Animal Training & Behavior at 303-442-4030 x369.

Behavior Modification Program

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley's Behavior Modification Program provides individual attention and support to animals with behavior concerns, such as food guarding, reactivity, shyness or litter box troubles. This program saves lives by increasing an animal's chances at a successful adoption, and as such, it is not uncommon for animals to be transferred to us from other shelters that do not have the resources to provide this valuable service. If your organization is interested in developing your own Behavior Modification Program or adapting one already in place, please contact Lindsay Wood, Director of Animal Training & Behavior at 303-442-4030 x369.

Click here to read an article by Humane Society of Boulder Valley Director of Animal Training & Behavior Lindsay Wood featured in Animal Sheltering magazine about modifying food guarding behavior in shelter dogs.

Behavior Modification Immersion Program

Program Summary:
This program is designed to provide students, shelter staff, and animal trainers with a unique opportunity to develop professional experience in behavior modification using effective and efficient force-free, science-based strategies. Participants will assist with daily enrichment, training, and behavior modification sessions for shelter dogs and cats enrolled in the Humane Society of Boulder Valley's Behavior Modification Program. Participants may observe and support Training and Behavior Consultants during behavior consultations and training classes and may also provide administrative support as needed. Participants will learn to implement treatment plans for behavior conditions including food guarding, fearful and / or under-socialized behavior, body handling sensitivity, and separation anxiety. Additionally, participants will learn treatment plans for efficient socialization of feral kittens and for resolution of cat house-soiling / inappropriate elimination. Skill development for low-stress animal handling, observation of animal behavior and body language, and appropriate use of counter-conditioning and desensitization techniques will be emphasized. Participants may choose a specific area of concentration and may have the opportunity for weekly crossover participation in other departments.

Clicker training skills are required. Applicants should have a solid understanding of animal learning theory as well as applied experience in force-free animal training. Some experience as an animal shelter employee or volunteer is strongly desired. Must be at least 18 years old. High school diploma required. Work is performed in training arena, kennels, and office environment including some work outdoors. Participants must be able to safely handle large dogs on leash. Participants may be exposed to zoonotic diseases, cleaning agents and chemicals. Shifts are spent walking, standing, sitting, bending, lifting, answering telephones, and performing data entry.

A three month commitment of 20-30hrs/week is required. Participants must be available during business hours with some evening and weekend hours.

A $750 non-refundable tuition fee will be charged to participants.

Application Deadlines:
January 15th for Spring candidates, April 15th for Summer candidates, July 15th for Fall candidates

To apply please send a resume and cover letter to

American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior Statements

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