Recommended training tools and methods

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley DOES recommend the following training tools:

  • Food rewards for good behavior (soft, small, yummy treats, including Natural Balance food roll, hot dogs, cheese, baby food)
  • Favorite dog toys, including tennis balls and squeaky toys
  • Lots of praise, love and attention for good behavior
  • Treat bags for easy delivery of rewards (and to keep your clothes clean)
  • Clickers to communicate exactly which behavior earned your dog the reward
  • SENSE-ation™ Harness (or other pain-free no-pull harness) to immediately end on-leash pulling
  • Gentle Leader Head Halter TM for additional on-leash control

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley DOES NOT recommend the following training tools:

  • Electronic training (shock) collars -- OUCH!
  • Metal choke chains or prong (pinch) collars -- OUCH!
  • "Dominance" techniques including alpha rolls or scruff shakes - these are dangerous and ineffective for correcting behavior
  • Collar corrections (quick, collar jerks) on any type of collar
  • Use of any physical force including smacking, "kneeing" or stepping on paws

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley Training Center welcomes your training questions and is pleased to offer a wide variety of training classes and private training options to meet your needs. Our training philosophy promotes current, dog-friendly techniques rooted in the scientific principle of positive reinforcement. Our use of pain-free, positive techniques is a highly efficient training method designed to strengthen the relationship between you and your canine companion. Please call 303-442-4030 x368 to set up an appointment or speak with our qualified training staff. We look forward to training with you!

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