Corporate Engagement Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in group volunteer opportunities with the Humane Society of Boulder Valley (HSBV)! Every day, we rely on our dedicated volunteers to help protect and care for the thousands of animals who come through our doors each year. Each group member should be 18 years of age or older and must meet Group Volunteering Requirements:

  • Each Group is responsible for designating an onsite Team Leader
  • Volunteers should be at least 18 years old to participate
  • Volunteers should not be allergic to animals
  • Volunteers must comply with HSBV Volunteer Policies and Procedures
  • Each Volunteer must individually complete a Volunteer Release before participating
  • For their safety and well-being, and that of others, Volunteers must be able to perform according to the physical demands of the project
  • Volunteers must wear closed-toe shoes; Volunteers without closed-toe shoes will be unable to participate
  • Volunteers will be provided with bottled water, and should provide cooling/storage for any personal beverages and snacks; onsite cooling/storage is not available
  • Volunteers must provide their own transportation to the activity location
  • Volunteers should park in the main HSBV Lot at 2323 55th St., Boulder, unless otherwise directed
  • Volunteers should secure personal possessions and valuables in their vehicles; onsite secured storage is not available
  • Volunteers should check in at the site and time designated by HSBV

For information about youth volunteer opportunities, please see Youth Programs

One Day Group Volunteering Opportunities

Immediate group volunteer opportunities are often available through our Animal Care Team, and sometimes, as well, through our Building/Grounds Maintenance Team. These group activities are overseen by HSBV Staff/Leads, do not require specific training, and must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.

Animal Care Team
Animal Care Team volunteers, not to exceed 10 per group per visit, provide essential services  by cleaning  kennels, helping with laundry and dishes, and other daily tasks to maintain a comfortable environment for the animals in our care. Please review the Animal Care Team service description to ensure this opportunity would fit the interests and abilities of your group.

This Animal Care Team opportunity involves direct animal support in the shelter environment but does not involve recreational animal handling, such as walking adoption dogs or socializing adoption cats. Don’t worry, you’re still sure to see and greet many smiling animal faces!

Volunteers in animal handling roles must undergo animal handling trainings that are not available to short-term group volunteers. To make a longer term commitment in this area, please review animal handling opportunities.

Maintenance/Facilities Projects
According to schedule and season, volunteers may be needed for projects such as landscaping, painting, or building maintenance. These projects benefit from the support of a large group, are overseen by HSBV Staff/Leads, and do not require specific training. We will let you know if such an opportunity coincides with your preferred dates. 

Ongoing Group Volunteering Opportunities

Ongoing group volunteer activities typically support recurring or broader scope maintenance/facilities projects, annual events and unexpected/urgent needs.These group activities are overseen by HSBV Staff/Leads and do not require specific training. HSBV will request such support, as needed, based on the categories of interest you indicate below. We look forward to developing a mutually beneficial, ongoing relationship.

Maintenance/Facilities Projects
Volunteers are needed on an ongoing basis for projects such as landscaping, painting, or building maintenance. These projects benefit from the support of a large group, are overseen by HSBV Staff/Leads, and do not require specific training.

Annual Events
Our two primary fundraising events are Puttin’ On The Leash (POTL) in April and Doggie Dash in September. Groups of volunteers are needed to support setup, cleanup and breakdown at these events, as well as to assist with Silent Auction and other responsibilities. These roles are overseen by HSBV Staff/Leads, and do not require specific training. Annual Events Group Volunteer activities should be scheduled 3 weeks in advance.

Unexpected/Urgent Needs
If your group has the flexibility to respond on short notice during the unfortunate occurrence of natural disasters, or in other emergency situations, we would appreciate being able to call on you for assistance. Such assistance may involve acting as an offsite location to accept and coordinate delivery of donations, or other functions as directed by HSBV Staff/Leads. No specific training is required. Unexpected/Urgent Needs Group Volunteer activities will be scheduled as required.

Sign Us Up For Group Volunteering

Please complete and submit the information below, as applicable, for one day/ongoing group volunteer opportunities A member of the Volunteer Services Department will respond to you within one week.  Thank you again for your interest in volunteering with the Humane Society of Boulder Valley!

Group Information
Please submit the information below for one-day or ongoing group volunteer opportunities.
For One Day Opportunitites
Your Group's Availabilty
We schedule group volunteer opportunities between 8 a.m. – Noon on a daily basis and ask for a three-hour minimum commitment. Please select from the options above.
In addition to our heartfelt appreciation of your Group’s support, it is our desire to also provide your volunteers with an educational experience. Groups who sign-up for a minimum four-hour volunteer commitment will also receive a 30 minute tour of the facility. This tour will provide an introduction to our organization and its many services to the Boulder Valley community and greater region.
For Ongoing Opportunities