Animal Care & Control

City of Boulder
Effective January 1, 2011, all administrative and enforcement services related to City of Boulder Animal Control and dog licensing are now provided by the City of Boulder instead of the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. The Boulder Police Department’s Animal Care & Control officers are responsible for enforcement and investigations of animal cruelty and neglect.

Animal control officers staffed within the police department will investigate and respond to vicious or stray animals, nuisance complaints, injured or ill animals, reports of cruelty or neglect, as well as other animal-related issues. The officers will be on duty seven days a week, year-round with the exception of major holidays. The hours will vary by season.

For calls regarding a stray or injured domestic animal in the city limits of Boulder, please contact City of Boulder police dispatch at (303) 441-3333. To report domestic animal conflict such as nuisance barking, please call City of Boulder Animal Care & Control directly at (303) 441-1874. For general questions and non-emergency complaints, please call (303) 441-1874.

For more information and to see detailed information on all City of Boulder animal ordinances, please visit the City of Boulder website.

For an emergency or immediate assistance call Police dispatch (303) 441-3333.

Impounded Animals/Lost and Found Animals
To reclaim impounded animals or report a lost or found pet, contact:

Humane Society of Boulder Valley
2323 55th Street
Boulder, CO 80301

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Boulder County/Outside City of Boulder
The Boulder County Animal Control Unit provides services to the unincorporated areas of Boulder County, and the towns of Lyons, Superior and Jamestown. The cities of Boulder, Broomfield, Erie, Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, and Nederland provide for animal control services through their respective police departments; for information about local ordinances, contact the respective municipality. Animal Control investigates cases involving domesticated animals, animal bites, abused or neglected animals, dogs running at large, sick or injured animals, and barking dogs.

To report a stray or injured domestic animal outside of the city limits of Boulder, please contact Boulder County dispatch at 303-441-4444. For more information, visit the Boulder County Animal Control website. If you are in Broomfield city or county, you can visit the Broomfield Animal Services website or call 303-438-6400, for additional contact details.

Living with Wildlife
The City of Boulder contains an abundant wildlife population. Nestled next to the foothills we have the opportunity to see and experience a wider variety of wildlife than most other urban areas in the metro region. We have raccoons, foxes, skunks, a variety of birds, mountain lions, and bears, to name a few. Although these animals are wonderful to observe, they can also pose a conflict when they interact in close proximity.

Abandoned or injured wildlife should be taken to Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Sanctuary.

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