A Bold Future for Animals

building the next century for pets and people

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley’s mission has expanded beyond adoptions to address the increased demand for animal health, behavior and Safety Net services.

All donations will be DOUBLED up to $250,000!

Why do we need to renovate?

Our mission has expanded!

The world of animal welfare changed dramatically in 120 years

Every day our team works to build, strengthen and support healthy relationships between pets and people. Our programs have evolved over our 120-year history as animal welfare has progressed. Since the opening of our current building in 2001, more than 250,000 animals have come through our doors to find lifesaving compassion and a second chance.

Today, HSBV animals and our community need other essential services – including expanded access to veterinary care and a safety net to prevent relinquishment. HSBV endeavors to not only be an organization that saves animals and creates new families, but the organization that supports, sustains and protects relationships for the lifetime of the bond. To that end, our mission has expanded to provide Safety Net services for families facing crisis to prevent relinquishment and keep animals in their loving homes.

As the only organization in our service area offering an array of Safety Net options to provide access to veterinary care and keep pets with their families, we’ve reached the limits of the care we can provide in our existing facility. Annually serving more than 16,000 animals, we are constrained by our current space as demand for our services is greater than our resources. The animals and our community need us to do more.

Our focus

Build to serve pets and people

It’s time to redesign and refurbish. We are constrained by our current space as demand for our services is greater than our resources. We have reached the critical point where, in order to continue to be a vital service for our community for generations to come, we must update our facility. We will add 1,800 square feet to our current clinic to create a new Veterinary Hospital to better serve the more than 10,000 animals we treat every year and make room for community pets in need. The expansion will include:

  • Creation of a Critical Care Ward, where shelter and Safety Net patients requiring intensive care, or with contagious illness, can be safely treated and rehabilitated.
  • Double the number of large dog kennels and exam rooms, reducing the length of stay for shelter animals and wait times for Safety Net patients because we can comfortably house more animals. 
  • Two new surgery suites, including a dentistry suite reducing wait time for one of our highest demand services for shelter and Safety Net patients. 
  • Upgrade laundry and dish sanitation systems, and food preparation. 
  • Remodel of our volunteer office and workspace to create a comfortable space for our amazing volunteer team. 

Veterinary Hospital Expansion Goal $5,300,000


Explore our new space!

Site and floor plans

The new design of the HSBV Veterinary Hospital was developed with innovation, longevity, and comfort in mind.

Our goal was not only to provide a better environment for pets, but for their families as well. The new state-of-the-art Veterinary Hospital will support a fear-free environment for animals, top notch treatment areas, and community hospitality.


Sally + Sandy Bracken | Nancy + Rick George
Honorary Campaign Chairpersons

Sally and Sandy Bracken
The Humane Society of Boulder Valley is honored to be supported by the Bracken family – Sally, Sandy, and their HSBV alum Lucy and Ollie. Their huge hearts for animals have benefited thousands of lives through their support of Puttin’ On The Leash, our Cat Adoption Center upgrade, helping to launch innovative Safety Net services, and so much more. So when the time came for HSBV to make plans for our future campus, the Brackens were first in line to help us. As true animal advocates and supporters of many causes in our community, HSBV is privileged to partner with the Brackens to make our vision a reality.

“Pets have always completed our family. They make our lives whole. We are so proud to live in a community that values animals’ lives and supports a campaign that will make life better for pets and the people who love them. HSBV is more than adoptions – it is a vital community resource to save animals and support families through hardship by helping people care for their pets. The new Veterinary Clinic will pave the way for the future of animal welfare in Boulder Valley and beyond by allowing HSBV to medically treat more animals and keep pets with their loving families. We can’t imagine our lives without Lucy and Ollie, our HSBV alums, and we want every family to be able to experience that same love. That’s why we support A Bold Future for Animals and hope you will too.”

Nancy and Rick George
HSBV is honored to partner with the George family. Their love for animals matches their love for the CU Buffs, and HSBV is so grateful to be supported by Nancy and Rick since they moved to Boulder in 2013 as Rick became the 6th Athletic Director for the University of Colorado. Their dogs Tucker, Bella, Leaux and Meaux (HSBV alum!) are regular patients at our Veterinary Clinic. In the past eight years, Nancy and Rick have generously supported Puttin’ On The Leash and many HSBV campaigns while connecting hundreds of new animal lovers to our mission. As devoted clinic clients and community leaders, Nancy and Rick jumped right in to make our campaign a success for the animals counting on HSBV for lifesaving care.

“In our busy lives, our four dogs fill every day with joy, love, and laughter. We want everyone to have that experience, and HSBV makes these relationships possible through adoption, training services, and ensuring families can access veterinary care across all economic levels. HSBV’s Veterinary Clinic provides top-notch treatment to everyone who comes through their doors. The expanded Clinic will allow HSBV to help shelter animals and the pets of more families in need. Tucker, Meaux, Leaux and Bella hope you will join our family in supporting A Bold Future for Animals to help more deserving animals find their second chances.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the campaign goal?

    Our overall goal for A Bold Future for Animals is to raise $7.5 million. We are currently in the capital project phase which is $5.3 million. Upon completion of this phase we will move to raise an additional $2 million for our Sustaining Fund to ensure lifesaving work can continue in the new space for generations to come. We’re grateful to all who have supported HSBV and all who will help us finish our fundraising to make this future a reality for the pets and people of Boulder Valley.

  • Is my gift tax deductible?

    Yes, the Humane Society of Boulder Valley is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Tax ID# 84-0152768.

  • Are gifts of stocks, bonds, real estate or other real property accepted?

    Yes. Gifts of stock and property can often have substantial tax advantages for the donor. You may be eligible for deductions up to the full market value of the asset and may be able to avoid capital gains on the appreciated property. We encourage you to speak with your tax or financial advisors to determine the best way for you to make your gift.

  • Why does HSBV need an expanded Veterinary Clinic?

    For 120 years, the Humane Society of Boulder Valley has served the greater Boulder Valley community. Since the opening of our current campus in 2001, more than 250,000 have come through our doors for lifesaving care and second chances. As our mission evolves and expands, we are constrained by our current space as demand for our services is greater than our resources. We have reached the critical point where, in order to continue to be a vital service for our community for generations to come, we must update our facility. The new HSBV Veterinary Hospital will allow us to better serve animals and people with additional exam rooms, a critical care ward, expanded surgery suite and modern, fear-free waiting and treatment areas.

  • Will you accept planned gifts?

    Yes! Planned gifts can be transformational for our organization but will not count toward the hospital expansion campaign goal. Still, planned gifts make a tremendous difference toward sustaining the future of HSBV for generations to come and we encourage you to consider gifts of this type in your plans.

  • Will I still be asked to give annually?

    Yes. We are only able to help more than 16,000 animals each year because of your ongoing annual donations, and we are still going to need them! Campaign pledges are in addition to your annual support, and we sincerely thank you for your generosity.

  • What is the timing of the campaign?

    We hope to reach our fundraising goal by the completion of construction at the end of 2022, at which time we will focus on raising an additional $2 million for our Sustaining Fund to support lifesaving work for generations to come.

  • When do you anticipate the construction to be completed?

    Construction has begun! We are anticipating completion by the end of 2022.