From finder to keeper, collaboration and love bring Buster home

Buster was found stray in a Broomfield neighborhood. Emaciated and with a severely broken leg, this 6-year-old Plott Hound was thankfully picked up by our partners at Broomfield Police Animal Services. Several officers responded to the call, but Officer Miller saw something special in this sweet boy. 

“I’ve always loved animals, and knew I wanted to find a career that allowed me to help them,” Officer Miller said. The day she met Buster seemed like just another day helping animals in our community for Officer Miller, but it turned out to be a life-changing day for the pair.  

The day Officer Miller and her team met Buster, along with his injuries, there was one obvious thing they all noticed about him: he was FAST. Officers tried for days to catch Buster until finally, they were able to safely secure him and bring him to HSBV. As he scarfed down his food, our expert clinical team discussed Buster’s injuries – a critical fracture of his right hind leg, involving both his tibia and fibula. Such a complicated repair would require a specialized surgery, so we enlisted the help of our partners at the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital (CSU VTH).  

Through our partnership with CSU VTH, we were able to coordinate a life-changing surgery for Buster, and soon he and his finder were reunited as Officer Miller offered to foster him during his recovery. “There was just something about him,” Officer Miller said. “I was drawn to him and wanted to continue to help him.” As he healed with TLC from our veterinary team and in his new foster home, it didn’t take long for Buster to fit right in. “He just wanted to be in my lap, all the time. He loved our other dogs, and they loved him. It just felt right, and I knew he had to join our family.” 

Last month, Officer Miller made it official, adopting Buster and welcoming him to his new, loving home. “I’m so happy I met Buster that day. He’s changed our lives and I’m grateful for all HSBV and CSU have done to help him heal. His injury never slowed him down, and we couldn’t be happier to have him home, where he belongs.” 

We’re happy to report that Buster’s leg has healed nicely, and he is now home with Officer Miller and his new dog siblings. He’s gaining weight, still running around and enjoying all his new life has to offer. 

Many thanks to our partners at CSU VTH and Broomfield Police Animal Services, for helping give Buster his second chance. 

Without your support – these partnerships – and Buster’s story would not be possible. When you support HSBV, you support animals like Buster and help ensure our collaboration with our critical partners continues. THANK YOU for bringing Buster and his family together. ❤️