City of Boulder Dog Licensing

Effective January 2019

The City of Boulder Animal Protection Division implemented an enhanced online licensing portal to streamline the process for dog licenses beginning in 2019. Registration for 2019 City of Boulder dog licenses can now be completed online in minutes, and your dog’s license tag will be mailed to you. First time registrants will need their dog’s current rabies certificate, and for renewals, registrants will need the online access code found on your renewal notification in addition to their dog’s current rabies certificate. Visit DocuPet to complete the process, or, if you have not received a renewal notice by mail, call 1-877-238-6072 for an online access code. If you have any questions, or need further assistance with the online portal, contact the City of Boulder Animal Protection Division directly or call DocuPet at 1-885-1370.

For dog guardians outside of the City of Boulder, please contact your local municipality for more information.


Although cats are not restricted by leash or licensing laws in the Boulder area, they should be fitted with an expandable safety collar containing a personal identification tag and have an updated microchip. To better ensure you cat’s safety and health, consider having them as an indoor-only companion.