Choosing the right food for your pet

What should I feed my pet?

How much should I feed my pet?

How frequently should I feed my pet?

How do I change my pet’s diet?

There are so many considerations when trying to find a healthy food option for your pet. Not to mention diet trends (just like diet trends for humans) and innovations to navigate! Now, there’s an online tool that can help answer all of your initial questions and get the conversation started with your veterinarian : the Purina Pet Food Finder quiz.

Answer 13 simple questions and the Purina Pet Food Finder quiz will help you understand nutrition labels, suggest feeding frequencies and volumes, and give you feedback about your pet’s dietary recommendations! This easy-to-use tool analyzes your pet’s photo and general health information to suggest nutritious food options that best suit their age, weight, breed, and more. Purina’s team of veterinarians and scientists work to ensure each of their feeds can help your pet live a long and happy life, and most (even special diets) are readily available in stores and online.

Here are a few basics to help get you started:


  • Like their wild cousins, our domestic feline friends are carnivores. It is critical that the ingredients in their kibble or wet food includes meat.
  • Depending on your cat, you can free-feed or feed on a schedule – watch out for weight gain for our Garfield-type kitty friends!


  • Our canine companions are omnivores. Ever noticed your dog eating grass or snack on other greens or grains? These foods help their digestive tract, keeping the food moving along!
  • Generally speaking, it is best to keep your dog’s feeding on a schedule. This will help prevent overeating and assist in the maintenance of a reliable potty-break routine!
Remember, always consult with your veterinarian when considering changing your pet’s food.


At HSBV, the animals in our care receive nutritious Purina kibble and wet food. Thanks to Purina’s year-round support of our shelter, each animal relying on HSBV eats a consistent and healthy Purina diet while they receive veterinary care, behavior support, await reunification through our lost & found services, or seek a new loving home.

The HSBV Pet Food Share Program

Do you need help for your pet? HSBV offers free pet food to community members in need. Stop by our facility at 2323 55th St in Boulder to pick up pet care and food supplies during our business hours!