Perhaps the kindest thing you can do for an animal that is terminally ill, aged, or so severely injured that he will never lead a normal life is to induce his or her death quietly and humanely through euthanasia.

Your decision concerning euthanasia is a personal one, but it need not be a solitary one. Our veterinarians and staff can assist and support you. Our veterinarians understand the bond you have with your pet and can examine and evaluate your pet’s condition, provide realistic prognosis, and discuss potential long-term problems with you.

Euthanasia is accomplished by injection of a death-inducing drug. Our staff may first administer a tranquilizer to relax your pet. Following the injection, your pet will immediately go into a quiet and irreversible deep unconsciousness. Death will come quickly and painlessly.

Please call our clinic at 303-442-4030 ext. 680 to schedule an appointment if you wish to be present with your pet, or call the shelter at 303-442-4030 if you wish to leave your pet with us for euthanasia. Guardians releasing an animal for euthanasia service should be prepared to provide proof of ownership, supporting information on medical or behavioral condition, and personal identification.

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley reserves the right to refuse the euthanasia service if guardianship or medical or behavioral condition cannot be confirmed.

As you make your decision to euthanize a pet, you will need to decide how you would like to care for the remains. We can provide information about cremation services. Please call the shelter at 303-442-4030 to make arrangements for cremation of your pet.

It can help to find a way to remember your pet and to honor the joy that the pet has brought to your life. You may wish to establish a memorial of some type in honor of your pet. Please call 303-442-4030 ext 669 if you are interested in finding a permanent way to remember the pleasure your pet gave you.